Starting & Charging Systems or Battery Needs

Having problems starting? Time for a new battery, or is an electrical evaluation needed. We can address everything from a check engine light on, alternator, horns, wiper blades and lights.


You might be experiencing:

  • Weak battery
  • Worn alternator
  • Poor/loose connection
  • Bad ignition cylinder
  • Any electrical repair & diagnostics

What to expect:

During the inspection of your car’s monitoring system, it will have “fault codes” that indicate the nature of the problem. The technician will provide a detailed report that describes the diagnosis. You will then be contacted with the necessary repairs and an estimate prior to work commencing. 

Please note: It may take several days of driving the car for the monitoring system to verify that the repair has fixed all the issues.


Macleod Auto & Truck Repair has access to all car battery brands. We can supply and install any battery into any vehicle.

Car not starting? 

Call Macleod Auto & Truck Repair. We will arrange with CAA/AMA or a private tow company to get your vehicle to us for a proper diagnostic inspection and repair. Don’t forget your CAA/AMA card for your rewards points.



Electrical Diagnostics and Drivability

Engine Repair & Diagnostics

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Suspension, sterring and alignment

Starting & charging systems & battery needs

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