Electrical Diagnostics
& Drivability

Modern vehicles incorporate a significant number of electronic devices. The components are everywhere from your turn signals to your radio and anything that requires power. Power to these components is invaluable in providing convenience, comfort and enjoyment. When they don’t work the issue can be mystifying to most. Let us find the needle in the haystack and get you back on the road to reliability and comfort.

We are a AMA/CAA repair facility and with your membership to AMA/CAA you receive a 5% discount on your Interstate batteries and all other services we offer.


Issues that can happen:

  • Bad Alternator
    Failure of the alternator will have the vehicle pulling power from the battery. Because the alternator is now no longer recharging the battery, it will eventually run down. The initial symptoms mimic a bad battery and without replacing the alternator, you will be walking soon.
  • Blown Fuse
    The fuse acts as a safeguard against voltage spikes. Smaller (less electricity-intensive) components on your car require a fuse in order to operate.  If too much electricity flows through the wires, the fuse blows, breaking the circuit.
  • Failed Relay
    There are many relays in a vehicle. The most important would be the main relay, which operates the car’s computer and fuel pump. In the event the main relay fails, none of your electronics will operate.
  • Wiring Damage
    It can happen almost anywhere in your vehicle. Wiring damage has many causes. Rust and corrosion at a ground point can render a component inoperable. A vehicle collision and even little critters can also be an issue with stored vehicles.


Next steps:

We inspect the vehicle over and under, including testing the inoperable electronic components. Electrical draw testing and voltage testing on multiple components,  LAN and CAN bus testing, as well as testing both the battery and alternator. We then will need to narrow down the range of possible issues, and then advise you on the next step in the repair process.  If you are experiencing a  widespread component outage or failure, have Brady assess and diagnose the problem as a resolution is guaranteed.



Let’s talk about batteries. A bad battery will make a good alternator fail early and vice versa. We use a proper carbon pile tester for testing your electrical system, not a handheld digital tester. The advantage is a proper diagnostic. A handheld tester does not test the system properly. With our AVR tester, we can do a proper load test to the battery and check if it is battery sulfated, low in charge and/or not receiving the proper charge from the alternator. Our AVR also can test the alternator and its ability to keep their system running and charging. With the proper AVR system tester, it is the technician making the diagnostics not the machine like a handheld unit.



Electrical Diagnostics and Drivability

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