Exhaust & Custom Built Systems 

Full exhaust services are available for any make and model. A wide variety of kits are available for both diesel (with programmers) and tuners (with programmers). A full custom exhaust on any vehicle from the hot rod to the daily driver can be built. Macleod Auto has you covered.


A lot has changed on car emissions and exhaust systems. We can repair just about any problem and component on your exhaust system being a car, medium-duty truck, or motor home. We have access to a vast range of aftermarket parts to replace or repair any problem element on the exhaust system.

We will be more cost-effective than a dealership that is likely to suggest a costly replacement rather than a custom build to get you on the road.


Emission services include:

  • Oxygen Sensors
  • Catalytic convertors
  • Evaporative (EVAP) system repairs
  • Smoke testing for vacuum leaks
  • Mass airflow sensors
  • Throttle body components

Macleod Auto & Truck Repair uses parts from Magnaflow®, Flo-Pro, Walker® and Dynomax®, and every other manufacture. Our exhaust services include custom bent exhaust up to 3”, as well as performance exhaust kits and custom builds up to 5″, with kits or pre-bent pieces.


Do you wish for a more throaty, grumbling sound for your ride?


  • Custom bent exhaust
    Brady and Dales specialty, a long lost trait in the industry.
  • Mufflers and headers
  • Diesel kits
  • Heavy chrome, black ceramic and stainless tips
  • Convertors
  • EGR valves and custom exhaust
  • Any modifications
  • Manifold stud extraction from cylinder heads

Not all noises are the same

We correctly identify the noises you are experiencing.

Some of the more common components that cause noise that may be broken, cracked or have become loose for some reason may include the following:

  • The exhaust manifold
  • Catalytic converter leak or rattle
  • The muffler
  • Loose or leaking connections and their gaskets

Macleod Auto & Truck Repair can custom build any exhaust system for any vehicle.



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