(Heating, Ventilation and Cooling)

New and old vehicles; we service them all!

All vehicles have a heating and A/C system that will at some point require servicing to keep them at peak performance. We have the latest and up to date A/C diagnostics and repair tools. With your older vehicle, we can retrofit the A/C system to take the latest and most environmentally friendly refrigerant. We can service any vehicle’s A/C system and heating system.


We perform:

  • Coolant flushes
  • AC recharge
  • High-pressure tests
  • Rad cap testing
  • Block heater testing
  • Ph testing of the acidity in the coolant
  • Fan replacement
  • Hose replacement
  • Belt replacement
  • Compressor replacement

Require a cooling system flush?

To prevent the vehicle from overheating; the cooling system works by circulating the mixture of water and coolant through the engine. As time passes, the cooling system components can become be clogged and damaged by scale and rust that can build up in the deteriorated coolant.

Indication you need a coolant flush are:

  • The Check Engine warning light is on
  • The Low Coolant warning light is on
  • The engine is overheating

We recommend:

  • If your vehicle’s low coolant light comes on, let us do a deep inspection for leaks.
  • Also recommended; is following the service maintenance schedule and replace the fluid. A good practice is every 65,000 km. This an important part of preventative maintenance for your vehicle.

4 basic categories summarize air conditioning problems

  1. Refrigerant issues: Lack of refrigerant, too much refrigerant, wrong product, lack of adequate compression or a refrigerant control device issue.
  2. Electric problems: AC clutch coil, clutch relay, high-pressure cut-off switch, low-pressure cut-off switch or circuit protection device.
  3. Electrical problems in the dash: AC switch or blower motor not working, the computer control head or module going bad or issues with the blend door command motor or heater resistor.
  4. Mechanical problems in the dash: door being physically broken (prevents it from forcing air across the evaporator or heater core), mode door being broken (which prevents it from forcing air though the vents) or the recirculation door being broken and falling into blower motor.


Is the vehicles A/C system or heating system failing?

Macleod Auto & Truck Repair will do the proper diagnostic and inspection, after that the technician will then provide a detailed report that describes the heating and A/C system issue, along with the scope and cost of the necessary repairs.



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