Lube, Oil & Filter

All of our oil, filter and other fluid changes are 100% dealer warranty-approved.

Fluids and proper filters can be complex with today’s high engine horsepower. Oils and additives will properly be matched to the requirements of each vehicle. Maintaining full dealer warranty. Every service provided is done to the manufactures specification and will maintain the warranty.

We use top-quality synthetic or regular grade products that meet or exceed the manufacturer’s requirements for durability, viscosity, and compatibility and for better fuel mileage. The goal is to ensure every component of your vehicle is properly lubricated. Regular maintenance even if the light does not come on can keep your vehicle running at top performance.


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Service records available upon request.

All maintenance and fluid services from Macleod Auto & Truck Repair are 100% manufacture approved and will not jeopardize your dealer warranty!



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Lube, Oil & Filter

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