Tires & Tire Repair

Macleod Auto & Truck Repair is all about tires too!

We can repair a problem tire or find the right new tire fit for your vehicle. Regular tire rotations and properly aligned, inflated & balanced tires will help save you money on gas.


Signs of tire-wear problems:

  • Sawtooth appearance on the edge of the tires
  • Outer edges of the tire wearing faster than in the middle
  • Quicker wear on the front to the rear tires
  • Excessive wear on one side
  • Cups or dips in the tread; this interferes with the proper tire contact with the road

There are a number of causes for tire-wear problems, including:

  • Your tires are not properly inflated or balanced
  • Your vehicle is misaligned
  • The vehicle’s shocks and struts are worn
  • Worn steering components
  • Worn suspension components

We diagnose and address any tire issues you might be experiencing.

Tire lights and pressure issues are not a problem anymore. At Macleod Auto & Truck Repair we have the latest technology in tire monitors and can handle tires from 13” tire to 24”.

Eyes on your PSI, to make sure your tires are inflated to the right amount:

  • Under-Inflated Tires: Under-inflation results in excessive sidewall flexing; reducing your vehicle’s carrying capacity and your fuel economy too. Excessive shoulder wear is a sign of a “soft” tire. This “soft” tire makes your vehicle have to work harder.
  • Over-Inflated Tires: Over-inflation of the tires and issue will result in the center of the tire tread; as the center now bears most of your vehicle’s weight. Faster and more irregular tread wear, often resulting in the need to repair or replace your tires sooner than expected. Inspect your tires regularly and follow the vehicle’s manual for proper inflation pressure and if you have an issue we are here to get you back on the road.

Misaligned & Unbalanced Tires

  • Misaligned and unbalanced tires will wear out more quickly.
  • Does the vehicle pull or drift out of lane? Your tires likely will show uneven wear upon inspection.
  • Keep an eye on the position of your steering wheel. If the steering wheel looks crooked even when you’re driving straight, your alignment is off.

Wheel noises & vibrations

If your vehicle’s wheels are making noise and if over time the noise becomes more prominent, you may need a wheel bearing replacement.

Uneven wear to tires reduces the traction of the vehicle

Uneven wear, noise or tire pull is directly related to neglecting to rotate your tires. As a result, Calgary’s snowy winters and rainy summers can become risky trips. It is best to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual and have your car serviced regularly. We will do a thorough assessment of your tires and alignment using the latest technology in tire monitors and alignment equipment.

Are you in need of new tires?

Macleod Auto & Truck Repair can get you on your way with anything tire. We can address Fleet and company vehicle and/or your personal vehicle tires needs. Is your tire light on let us take care of that for you and get you back on your way.

Macleod Auto & Truck Repair has the ability to get any tire brand for any vehicle on the market. We will do the heavy lifting on all your tire needs. 



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