Transmission & Driveline

Transmission maintenance is the most neglected in the industry and can be a silent killer to your vehicle. We provide qualified recommendations from our experienced technicians and service to factory specifications. We offer front/rear differential, transmission and transfer case service fluid packages, as well as road tests and visual inspections. We are 100% OTM Warranty Driveline Serviced approved.

For optimal care for the long life of a vehicle, it’s recommended that you change transmission oil every 80,000 km or refer to your owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

Proper fluid requirements and levels can be complex, so we also inspect and maintain:

  • Engine oil
  • Transfer case fluid
    Lubrication for your 4 x 4 case.
  • Differential fluid
    Lubricating oil for front and rear differential assemblies.
  • Power steering fluid
    Hydraulic oil that helps with steering assist.
  • Brake fluid
    Hydraulic oil that transfers pressure from your brake pedal to the brake.
  • Transmission filters and oil
    Works as a lubricant and cools for your transmission.
  • Coolant
    Regulates the temperature of your engine.
  • Washer fluid
    Winter antifreeze and summer bug remover.

Closed system fluid:

Checked for quality and volume. Colour and odor are giveaways that these fluids have begun to break down chemically and by heat and wear, requiring them to be replaced. If these fluids are low, we check your systems for leaks.


The goal is to maintain the best performance and longest life for your vehicle.

Have you begin to notice any of the following issues with your vehicle?

  • Vibration while driving?
  • Trouble shifting gears (rough shifting)?
  • A noise out of the rear end when driving?
  • Does your AWD vehicle not turn smoothly?

These all could be indications of transmission, clutch, transfer case or differential case issues.

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